Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve.

This is a big day for us. Actually, the whole holiday season has been big for us. Our first Thanksgiving together. Our first Christmas together. And now our first New Years together. If that wasn't enough to make the holidays special, each one of those was also our last... Thanksgiving in England, Christmas in England, and New Years in England. It's kind of a big deal. Tonight it is just Nid and myself, as the children are in Wales this week with Grandma and Taid. They called earlier and are having a great time.

It's cold out today. The warm spell we had (with highs in the 40s) has gone, but it's not too windy, which always makes it feel colder. Nid and I walked to the corner shop and he got some advocaat that he ordered the other day, and I got a bottle of white wine. We are getting ready to watch a double feature of Final Destination 3 and 4. We've already seen 1 and 2 this week. Thought a bit of fun and nonsense would be a good run up to midnight tonight.


Iota said...

Happy New Year!

Kicha said...

And a happy and safe new year to you and yours!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Happy New Year Jenny, hope it's a great one for you.

david said...

Sending a Happy New Year to you,Nid,Briony,and Cale. I'm glad that you got to celebrate a few holidays while there in England. Memories you won't soon forget!

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