Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm famous. Just a little bit. Country Music Tattle Tale is a blog that Nid follows. They are supporters of Taylor Swift, standing up for her against those who do not think she deserves the recognition and success that she has gotten. After our trip to London, Nid emailed them a link to the review I put on on my blog, and they've published that link in their most recent post about the London show. CLICK HERE to read their latest blog post, with excerpts from both Nid's and my reviews as well two photos that I took. At the bottom is a link to my blog. I've already had a few visitors come by from that link. How exciting, I'm even more famous than I was! Famous in my own mind that is... Thank you Country Music Tattle Tale!


david said...

Both of your reads were great! And the next time I see you all, I want your autographs! Congrats. :)

Jenny said...

I'd be honored to give you my autograph, and I know Nid, the Minor Cyberspace Celebrity, would oblige as well.

david said...

hehe... :)

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