Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Results Of Random Tuesday.

Yesterday I ranted about the postal delivery service. And today they delivered the package from my parents. Yesterday it said it was still in New Jersey. This morning it said it arrived in the UK yesterday, and was scheduled for delivery on Thursday. It said that last time, but delivered the day before, so I went to the shop by myself and Nid stayed home in case they came. They didn't. We got a package last week from Nanna (Nid's stepmom) and they delivered at noon. At 1ish, I figured it wasn't coming. At 1:30 there was a loud knock at the door. It was Parcel Force with our package. I opened it and sorted all the goodies, some of which needed some extra tape on them, but nothing was damaged. Then I pulled everything out from under the tree and sorted everything and put it back. It was quite a process, but it looks great.


david said...

I love this picture with all the presents under the tree. Looking at this may motivate me to put up my tree today. Thanks Jenny. :)

Jenny said...

You haven't put your tree up yet?! If you wait any longer it won't be worth doing at all. That being said, I've had years when I didn't put one up at all. I love sitting quietly and looking at it at night with the lights lit up. It's very peaceful and calming for me.

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