Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Snow.

So, I was just on my iGoogle homepage checking the current news, and I saw this:

I said to Nid, "It's snowing." (I didn't really mean it, I was being sarcastic)
He says "Where?"
I say "Leicester."
He looks out the crack between the curtains and the window and says "Oh yeah, it is."

I of course didn't believe him. Of course it wasn't snowing, he wasn't going to fool me! I even flat out said he was lying to me (I know, I'm a horrible person, but I meant it good-naturedly). So finally he opens the curtains (the sun comes right into our eyes when we sit at the computer, so we have to keep it closed till early afternoon when the buildings block it).

It was snowing. So I got out my camera... and took a half dozen photos. In most of them you can't even tell it's snowing. In the ones you can tell, it looks like rain. Oh well. I am documenting it... my first snow fall in England. And by the time I closed the door and came inside it had stopped. Good timing on our parts, or we'd have never known!

Those little bits really are big fluffy snowflakes!

Friday, 18 December 2009 I woke up to this on the sidewalk:

This is our street:

It's so pretty!
Ironically, this is what Google says the weather is today:

Partially sunny it is. Clear it is not...
Oh well, it's snowing!

We do however, have to go to both the grocery store and the post office, both of which are in opposite directions from home, and we are centered pretty much smack in the middle. We'll see how I feel about snow after our trek.


david said...

Dang Jenny, I can even see the snowflakes on this screen. LOL Thanks for sharing your first snowflake experience in England with us! I bet you can't wait for Nid to make you a snowman. Looks like your Mom got lots of snow in Va.

Jenny said...

Well, you couldn't hardly see the flakes in real life either. But it was my first snow here, so I wanted to document it. Ha, Nid HATES snow, so even if we did actually get a real snow, I don't think he'd be making me one. Yep, mom got close to 2 feet I think. I'm hoping to see some photos of my niece in the snow from this morning.

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