Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have a friend back in Virginia who I am doing a favor for, enabling her to give someone a Christmas gift that you can only buy in England. Well, this week she returned the favor with a goodie box!
She sent Twinkies, because Nid had never had one and we had seen a few references to Twinkies in movies/tv lately. She also sent a number of Hershey's products (can't get any of them here) and GRAPE JELLY!
This is what he had to say after having his very first Twinkie: "I could eat these all day."


david said...

Well it looks like he has 9 more to devour! Jenny, you better get you one while you still have a chance. Twinkie's and a glass of milk....hard to beat! And you can give your friend my address anytime you want. LOL

Expat mum said...

I just went down to the Hershey store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and bought lovely gifts to send to England. I do realise that's a bit like sending coals to Newcastle when you think of the quality of English chocolate (wink) but the novely value is great.

Erin said...

You can sometimes find Hershey's products at Aldi. . . we got a bunch of Reese's peanut butter cups there right before Halloween! =) Enjoy your US goodies!

Nid said...

The corner store sometimes has the peanut butter cups. The owner shops at Aldi, I bet that's where he gets them from. Thanks for the tip Erin. :)

Jenny said...

David - He doesn't get them all! I've split everything with him 50/50, except the AirHeads, I don't care for them so much. We're going to share the Twinkies with the kids, too. That's how great we are as parents ;)

Expat Mum - That was very nice of you! I went to Hershey Pennsylvania when I was little. I was too young to appreciate it, but I do have a picture of little ole me with a GIANT bar of chocolate that my parents bought me. You can't underestimate the value of a novelty gift. And who knows, maybe they'll like it better (or just as much - like my family does).

Erin - Thanks, we'll definitely have to make a stop by there sometime soon.

ColleenfromPA said...

ooooh grape jelly... wants

TheLadyWhoLunches said...

So jealous! Looks amazing. I have to admit, Reeses are my favorite and I have found some here, but haven't bought any yet. You've inspired me.

Jenny said...

Colleen - There are very few staple items that I miss. Of course I miss the sweets and snack foods (in general I don't care for what I've found here), but I can live without snacks. But I have got to have my grape jelly! I've had three different people send me it, and I make sure to make it last. Both because it costs so darn much to ship and because I want it to always be special.

TheLadyWhoLunches - It was amazing. I've got some of the best friends and family. You've found Reeses here? Probably a good thing I haven't :)

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