Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We are going to SWEDEN!

In February, Nid and I are going to Sweden to visit our friends Johan and Anna, and their son Anton. And their two dogs, Tasha and Lewis (Rotties!). It is so exciting, and thankfully I do not need a visa to get there!

We got an incredible deal on the flight. Only £0.01 per person per way, for a total of £0.04. Unbelievable, right?! But that is indeed the cost of the flight... Plus £102.62 taxes, fees & charges.... £20.00 for web check in (which is £5/person/per way and everyone has to do it)... plus £20.00 handling fee.... for a total of £124.66. How great is that?! Oh wait... when you check out... it's £5/person/per way to PAY! So the total price is £142.66. Still, a heck of a deal. And with train tickets to the airport at £25 total for both of us round trip, we feel like we got a heck of a bargain.

I never imagined I'd be spending my first wedding anniversary in Sweden, so thank you to Johan and Anna for having us. We can't wait! Nid especially can't wait, because Johan and Anna visited him in Leicester a few years back, and brought Swedish meatballs with them. Nid's still talking about them... Guess I know what we're going to eat while we're there! :)


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