Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big News!

Nid and I have very exciting news to share with you all. We are moving to Virginia! Most people know that we originally had a Four Year Plan. After much thought and discussion, we have decided to move that up to a One Year Plan!

We have already started the process. Forms are filled out, plans are already in the works. It is similar to what I had to go through to get into England. On one hand easier, as we no longer have to prove anything about our relationship. What is different is that everything else is in triplicate. Nid, Briony and Cale all have applications to fill out. It is a multi-stepped process that will take us to London at least once, but potentially twice to get things done at the US Embassy.

When we get to Virginia, we will be living in Greenwood. My cousin Barbara has a family home very close to my parents' home. She lives in West Virginia, and needs a new caretaker for her property. As of next summer, we will be her caretakers. We will be living in a cozy little cottage with a large deck and 25 acres of land surrounding us. It is so peaceful there, we are really excited for the children to have free reign over the property. And they are a bike ride away from Grandma Vickey and Grandad Purcell.

We're deep in planning mode right now. Nid has already started planning where to put his football pitch. And once we get settled, if we want to we can raise chickens in the chicken house in the backyard of the cottage. I'll get to have my Smudge back with me. Bearette has bonded really well with her sister Angel, so at least for now, it will be best if she stays with my parents. I don't know whether it will be better or worse to be so close to her and not have her with me.

The children are very excited about the house and the property and getting to know the rest of the family.


Karen said...

Jenny, I am so happy for you, Nid and the kids. You're giving them all a great adventure coming here to the colonies. I hope all goes smoothly with the paperwork. I'll be watching for you on I95.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!

David said...

Big News - no doubt!!! I am sooo exited for you all. And I can't wait to one day meet Briony and Cale! Great to see that the process of the move has already started. I think I'm almost as exited as you all are! I'm sure your family will be glad to have you back home and I know this has been Nid's dream for years. I am so blessed to have your friendship and can't wait to spend some quality time with you all! Hugs and a great big "Congrats" are headed your way!!!

Jenny said...

Karen - Thanks so much. They are really excited and ask tons of questions everyday about what things will be like and how the people are. It's quite an adventure.

It is exciting, thanks!

David - The children will be delighted to meet you as well. I'm so lucky that my family supported me in my move here, and they're so excited about us all coming back. We consider ourselves truly lucky to call you a friend. And of course it's good for Nid to have another guy to talk about Dierks too. Nid told me about your "plan" to come to Charlottesville for an ice cream. I'm looking forward to it ;)

Anonymous said...

We are so happy you all are coming home. It will be so nice to have you so close. I'm so glad the children are excited. it's going to be great. Dad and I are looking forward to being able to take the children camping along with Caitlin of course(it is her camper you know)love to everyone

Jenny said...

Hello there "Anoynymous" Mom! It will be great. I'm sure they are going to love camping with you guys. And Caitlin. Briony is very excited to meet her.

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