Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali Day.

I wrote previously about Diwali, about how the Season so to speak started a few weeks ago. All the shops in the area have fireworks special, and these are fireworks that have been illegal in Virginia for some time. One shop had a BUY ONE GET THREE FREE sale. Now that's a heck of a deal, and you KNOW the markup on them is too high if they can do that and still make a profit... The other day we passed a shoe store that had posters in the wall offering fireworks for sale. Shoes and fireworks, sure, I'd have guessed that. Today on my iGoogle news, there is an article about 32 people dying in India due to a fire started by fireworks. I love to watch them, but unfortunately people are careless. Every night since the Diwali season began, there have been fireworks going off up and down my street. Usually just a few at a time. And the little poppers I'll call them, that you throw on the ground and they go bang. After the last fireworks as we walked the streets, hundreds of kids had them. I stepped on a few that had not gone off and made them pop myself. It's a little startling when you are not expecting it, and it was so dark you couldn't see them. I remember when I was a teenager, friends would put them between their teeth and pop them. I never did. I was too afraid I'd blow off my tongue.

So, today is Diwali Day. Our friends Matt and Jacqui were going to come over and go with us to see the fireworks, which are literally around the corner. They ended up not being able to, and it was cold out, and we were tired and looking forward to our movie night, watching Sin Nombre, which was our second foreign film in two nights. So I watched the fireworks from our bedroom window. It was nice, but I'd already seen the ones early in the month, and surprisingly I wasn't all that excited. For the next several hours, it sounded like a gangland shoot out in the street though. Sounded like every neighbor we had was setting off fireworks, and not just the little ones, there were some big explosions and crackles and pops going on! It was kinda cool though.


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