Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holiday Time!

Tomorrow bright and early we are getting on a train headed for York. We were there this time last year (almost to the day) but Nid had a cast on his leg. Thankfully this trip I do not have a cast on my arm, though I still can't use it fully. We will be staying with our friend Luan, who we also visited last year. She's got the day off tomorrow and will be picking us up at the train station. We've only seen her once since last October, when she and her friend stopped by last month when they were in our part of the world.

I'm busy packing up now. What I hate about packing is... well, there are several things. The first is deciding what I want to take. Then narrowing it down to what I can take. Then I just want to do it already, but you can't finish until the morning of with stuff like toothbrushes and contacts solution. I just want to be done! I've already found a few things that I forgot until today, so hopefully I'll be all set by tomorrow morning.

Nid just dyed my hair for me for the trip. I thought it was a good idea to plan doing it right before the trip. Yeah, well, when you go and injure yourself right before, it's not such a good idea. I can't reach my head with my left arm, as my elbow is still really sore. He was such a trooper! He did a perfect job, and it actually seemed to take less time to apply and rinse than the last time I did it myself. He's the best husband!

Well, I'll be back on Sunday with a full report and most important... PHOTOS!


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