Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dierks Fans Store Grand Opening.

Dierks Fans is pleased to announce the grand opening of it's official store at Zazzle. The store has a varied selection of products, including Dierks Fans logo items, Somebody Like You Fans logo items, Dierks and Keith themed items, various other country music themed items, as well as greeting cards made with original photographs taken by our admin team.

We plan to add more designs in the future, and are always on the lookout for new designs and ideas. If you would like to be alerted when new designs are available, join our Zazzle Fan Club and sign up to receive an email each time a new product is added.

The Dierks Fans brand is here to promote Dierks Bentley and serve the fans. It is here to promote the official Dierks Bentley site, the Dierks Bentley Congress and everybody involved in helping Dierks Bentley become a household name.

We are very excited about this new project, and the opportunity to give the Dierks Fans name more exposure. Any profits made over the cost of running our sites will be donated to one of Dierks' charities.

To help our friends around the world with shipping costs, the Dierks Fans store has addresses in:

USA -*
UK -*
Germany -*
Australia -*
New Zealand -*
Canada -*

When you copy and paste, please include the * at the end. Thanks!

You can also visit the US store through the 'Store' link at the top of the home page at

If you like a design, but don't see it on an item you would like, email us at and we will do our best to put the image on another product. For clothing, you can put any design that is already on a shirt onto any other style/type/color shirt that Zazzle offers. Just click on the item, and it will show you the options you have. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

We will not be messaging you directly every time we release a new design. We are anti-spam. We will however, post once on the fan page when a new design is added and these posts will only be for Dierks designs.

A forum has also been created at about the store.

Best wishes,

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Nid said...

Not a bad first week. Who would have thought we'd sell so many! Well done! :)

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