Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Bike Lights.

Yesterday we rode our bikes to town. Nid had an appointment, so we parked the bikes and he went his way while I wandered the town on my own. I went to the Market and got Cale a new backpack for school. I went to about 8 stores looking for a bathrobe. I found one I LOVE at Marks and Spencers that I hope I can get at some point before it gets too cold here. I did some window shopping and just worked on familiarizing myself with downtown. Nid texted when when he was done and we met back at the clock tower. We then had to go and find new football boots and shin pads for Briony. We got those and sat awhile enjoying the nice weather. Oh, silly me, the actual reason that I am writing this blog... We got bike lights for Nid's bike since he'll need to ride it to get to football on Thursday nights from now on. When I told him a little bit ago that I would like some soda, he jumped up (literally) because he wanted to ride his bike with the new lights on. As soon as he left, I knew that I had to document the event, so I ran and got my camera and waited in the front door for him to come back around the corner. I got several funny looks from passersby, but it's my door, I can stand there (in my pjs) with a camera if I want to! Anyway, here is the video I took.


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