Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodbye Stalker. Hello Fan Club.

Hopefully all of you have read my blog about my stalker. How I had one and that they seem to have lost interest in me. Or changed their ip address. I wasn't bothered.

Well, now I've got one better. I have a fan club! Nid runs a website and some people that use to be on there formed a clique and went their own way. That was all good. They haven't been missed. Then they started their own website. Very high tech. Their main home page has has a spelling error since day one. Considering it's a country music website, you'd think they'd be able to spell "country" but apparently since "county" is also a word, spell checker didn't tell them that that was not the word that they wanted to use.

Any hoo, it has been brought to my attention that these ladies (yes, my fan club is made up of women... ) have started a thread about little ole me on their website! They have a link to my blog on their website and people from all over the world are visiting it. Several of them have even been to my other websites and our new store, even though we haven't made our grand opening announcement yet.

It just amazes me that there are people out there with nothing better to do than talk about my life! Friends and family, that's one thing, but people I've never met? It makes me laugh. It's like we're celebrities, with paparazzi following us around, keeping an eye on us. Too bad they won't get any dirt on us, though. Too bad for them, that is. I'm living a charmed life with my husband and children. They've got nothing (truthful) to slander us with.


Nid said...

Looks like your fan club came by. 'County' now says 'Country.' *sigh*

Jenny said...

I'll count that as my good deed for the day. You are welcome, my faithful fan club followers.

Jenny said...

Of course, if I let myself do two good deeds a day, I'd tell them where they spelled "video" like this: "vidoe."

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