Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Miss.

I miss music. I miss having the radio or my iPod on 24 hours a day. I miss watching TV all day on the weekends, and falling asleep in front of it at night. They seem like such little things, but they build up over time. I didn't even realize it at first, that I missed these things. I am not sure what brought it to my attention, either. I did not have TV the last year I spent in Virginia. So now I am going on my second year without it. We download certain shows to watch, so I am not without 100%, but there is no vegging in front of it to kill spare hours. Most people would think that's a good thing. But I miss having the option to do it.


Nid said...

If you pay for the TV licence, I'll plug the TV ariel in. :)

Jenny said...

If only it were that easy - I mean, inexpensive.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Hi Jenny, thank you for commenting on my blog so I could find you, we have similar stories!

I wondered how you're doing without the country music, unless things have changed the last 4 years, I know you hear very little on the radio there. Keith was just starting to breakthrough when I moved here. I certainly miss the R&B I'd hear all day in the UK, now it's country all the way for me, but I have grown to love it too.

Jenny said...

Hi Sarah!

Between us, my husband and I have a large music library on the computer, so we don't have to go without per say. We tried streaming a station from my hometown just this week, but the connection wasn't good enough, so we're trying out a national station. Nothing has changed here, very few people appreciate country music. Or at least, few people that realize it I should say. Taylor Swift is all over the radio here. We'll get in taxi and right after what I would call Indian dance music is a Taylor song. They think she's pop. We're going to see her in London in November.

Just a bit of FYI for you, my husband and I actually met through a website he runs, which was originally designed as a UK country music fan site, but then spread to the world.

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