Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bike Ride To Town.

Thursday, September 10th, we rode our bikes into town for the first time. Nid had a doctor's appointment, so we rode them to town, parked them at BHS (ours are the ones in front of the half naked woman) and then walked to the hospital, which wasn't far. After the appointment, we walked past the prison (the building that looks like a fort) to check out the new stand at the Leicester Tigers (Rugby) home ground on Welford Road. We are hoping to be able to go to a game as a family some time. What cracked me up, is that immediately adjacent to the prison is Nelson Mandela Park. Literally, 50 feet from the walls of the prison, there are slides and swings.

While we were in town, we tried to get a late breakfast at BHS but they stopped serving at 11:30 and it was 11:20 and the last bits of breakfast didn't look so appealing. We'll try again some other time. We ended up eating at Burger King, which has always been our regular anyway when we go to town. I looked at both WHSmith and The Works for a 5 Year Diary to help me keep organized all the family and visa stuff I need to keep track of. Neither place had them, but I have seen one somewhere and I didn't buy it and now I am kicking myself over that.

But regardless, we had a really nice time sitting out on the benches in front of the stores and watching crazily dressed people walk by in their stupid shoes and outfits. I have NEVER seen so many un-stylish people as I have since moving to England. And I fully blame the stores. The clothes to some degree, but the shoes that fill the shoe stores are HORRENDOUS! I am sure that there are some nice shoes, but I really just hope that mine last me a really long time :)

On the way home, Nid surprised me with a stop at Staples. It doesn't look like much on the outside, but inside, it looks JUST LIKE back home! It was a welcome surprise. They didn't have the diary I wanted either, but it was still really nice looking up and down all the isles. I really enjoyed that.

After we left there we stopped at St. George's Retail Park and went into Toys 'R' Us to look at board games and then a few computer stores just to look around. It was a really really good day. And we didn't spend any money on transportation! That makes a great day even better.

I almost forgot. I used the loo at the hospital where Nid had his appointment. When I saw this sink, I just knew that I had to share. I've never had so many options at a bathroom sink before. They also had this AMAZING hand drier, where you put your hands down into a slot. Completely dry in about 5 seconds. Incredible! But the photo didn't turn out.


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