Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our week.

I've been bad and not posting. I apologize. I have been updating pictures on my picture site, though. That's something I guess. Anyway. Nid and I went to town yesterday. It was good to get out. We went to a museum, which had an actual fossil of a dinosaur that was found here in this county. That was cool. We also walked through Castle Gardens. We were going to go to the site of Leicester Castle, but it was gated off. It's a shame because I hear it's one heck of a mound of dirt. Yep, there is no castle anymore. If you click HERE you can see as close as we got to it. Just up that hill is the famous mound. Hopefully we'll get back there to see it at some point. We mostly walked around some places I hadn't been before. We spent some time wandering around Leicester Market and got a few things as the shops. Of course we had to have lunch at Burger King, which is always a nice little bit of America in the middle of Leicester. The weather was funny, though. It was lovely and cool, but it kept sprinkling. Every time it started to rain, Nid put his coat on. And within 30 seconds it stopped again. It was a really funny trend we had going there. Lets see... I can't think of anything else about yesterday right off. I took a bunch of pictures, and they are on my pictures site.

So, yesterday we got some DRAINO... well, in America we'd call it Draino. Here, they don't have drains. They have PLUGHOLES. This is what I got:

Is that not great? We were cleaning out the closet under the stairs today. I REALLY should've done a before and after of this project, but alas, I did not think of it till it was empty. Oh well. I found a cigarette box in the back and I thought I'd share the warning with everyone. I've seen this side at the store:

However, when I flipped it over, I saw this other label. I guess if the one doesn't work, maybe this one will?!


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