Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cars. And The Generosity Of Others.

I have been told by people, that they can't imagine not having a car so that I can jump in and go wherever I want whenever I want. And I sometimes wish that I could. I left my car behind when I moved, and I do miss the luxury and the freedom it provides. What I do not miss however, are the costs associated with having a car. Now, I do cringe when we have to take a taxi or the bus, and I am handing over cash left and right. But with a car, even if you do not drive anywhere, you still pay for it. Taxes, insurance, maintenance. And then when you do drive it, there's parking and gas. It never ends really. We've just been offered a car. For free even! A Fiat Punto. It's not a car I've ever heard of, but it seems to be a fairly nice car. We are extremely grateful for the friends who offered it to us (thanks John and Amanda!), but there is so much to think about. We've talked about it again today, and realized that it has a manual transmission, which I can't drive. That in addition to not having any extra funds at the moment does pose a serious issue. But it would be nice. It's a hard decision. And maybe it will still be available in the future when we can manage it.


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