Thursday, July 2, 2009

My First Trip To Town Alone.

Yesterday I went to town for an interview. I had a few things to get as well, so I got on the bus and everything went smoothly. I didn't get car sick, I got off in the correct place. I was really early, and based on the map I had, close to where I needed to be for the interview. So I got a few things on my shopping list. My bag was heavier than I had anticipated, but I was set. Until I got lost. When I googled the store next to the bus stop, it told me it was further up the street than it really was. So I headed off in the wrong direction from the start. Then I could not find any of the streets on the map the job place sent me so I could not orient myself. And it was HOT! I was pouring sweat, and I felt gross! I finally found a street on the map and followed it. But the map said it was one way with the business at the end. Except it was one way, but the map had the one way going the wrong way. So so did I. I had to back track. By the time I got there, I was limping due to blisters so bad that they actually bled. Pretty picture, I know. I go in to the reception and she says I am at the wrong place. The letter they sent me said I had to go to Gray Friars. Which is a street I walked up, I did not realize it was a place as well. So I explained that the letter came with a map and instructions, and they led to where I was standing. She called the other place and they said that was where I needed to be. So I walked back the way I came. And then, the map was wrong AGAIN because it said the building I needed was on one side of the road, but there was a building on the other side that looked like it was were I needed to be. So I hobbled in and asked the security guard who led me to the right place. I go in, and ask if there is a restroom because I'd been lost and walking for nearly an hour. No, she says. So I sit, and thankfully I've got tissues with me so I could at least blot, if not cool off. And the place is not air conditioned I was just miserable.

The interview went okay I guess. I did not feel good coming out of it. They kept prompting me, was there anything else I would do in that circumstance and I just did not know. But I answered truthfully and did the best I could. I left there, and the guard that gave me directions was nice "are you American?" he says. At least he didn't say "are you Canadian?" I get that more often than not. I followed his directions, and then I detoured to go get a triple whopper for Nid as a surprise. He loves Burger King. I did that and then went looking for another store. But I couldn't find it. So I made my way back to the bus. On the way, though, I passed a cheap store that had tons of oscillating floor fans! The place I went first in my day had sold out of them yesterday within 10 minutes of opening, and I just didn't know who else sold them, so I was quite excited by this find. It was a pain carrying that big box along with my purse and the other shopping bags I had overflowing. I made it back to the bus, and had to tell the driver four times where I was going, to the point I was worried I'd said the wrong place, but finally he repeated back to me what I had been saying, and so I was set. The bus drops off pretty close to the house, but by the time I got home I was too tired to even get my keys out, so I just banged on the door and stumbled in. I was sooo hot and tired. I put the fan together and got straight in the tub with lots of cool water. I hate humidity soo much. And something about the weather here makes all my shoes fit different, so every pair I have hurts or gives me blisters, which they did not do in the States. Even my old sneakers do. It's very bizarre and quite frustrating.

So, that was my day yesterday. Today I woke up to my phone ringing. It was the lady from the interview. I passed the written test and the interview, and came in second, I guess is the best way to put it. One other person did better in the interview, but I did okay. My shortcomings they feel were based on my being new to the country, and thus not completely having the answers they were looking for to certain questions. They will keep my application on hold, and if there is an opening in the next six months, they will offer the position to me. I will not have to test or do the interview again. They were quite nice there, and the office seemed like a nice place to work, so I guess we'll see. I just put my application in for another job at the University, but it's open until July 22nd, so I won't hear anything from them for ages if ever.


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