Friday, June 5, 2009

Windows Live Writer.

This post has been edited (17th of June) to move photos to new site.

This is the new program with which I have spent the majority of my day playing with. So I decided to play around with some photos that I took the other day on the way to the doctor’s office.

This is one of my all time favorite signs. There is just so much going on here… Give Way: This reminds me of the Way Out signs that they have instead of Exit signs. Every time I read one I think Way Out, Far Out, Dude… Anyway, apparently Give Way reminds me of Way Out and I just laugh. Then there are the Round-A-Bouts. This country loves them. Who needs stoplights when you can just let people fight it out in a circle?! And of course, the classic Speed Humps. Nuff said.

This car obviously did not know how to read the signs. Or know which side of the road to drive on. Also, she apparently did not know not to drive on the sidewalk. What’s up with that?!



That Girl said...

Humps for 3/4 mile, I just assumed that was the way to the Red Light District!!

Jenny said...

Could've been. It was right down from the dump, after all...

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