Friday, June 26, 2009

USA Soccer Team Headed To The Confederations Cup.

The United States caused one of the biggest upsets in world football by beating European champions Spain in the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup.

The US team had already done well, winning 3-0 against Egypt on Sunday the 21st. This was an upset, and because Brazil beat Italy 3-0 in their match, the US was sent forward to the Semi-Finals where they won yesterday, 2-0 against Spain.

The news here in the United Kingdom is not about how great the US team did, but what went wrong for Spain. The defeat ended Spain's world record of 15 straight wins and their 35-match unbeaten run. This is a great day for American Soccer.

Additional information about the Confederations Cup can be found here. It is of course, not expected that the US will beat Brazil on Sunday, June 28th, but it was not expected that they get this far either, so we will just have to see.


Nid. said...

US Soccer rocks. But the idiots outside the US will never see it because they just don't want to know. They are too scared to face it and base all their judgments about it on what they read in the newspapers. Almost all the idiots who slag off US Soccer, do so having never watched a game. I've been following US Soccer for 12 years and I'm loving this result against Spain. LOVING IT!!!

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