Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tuesday (June 16th) Nid and I went into town. It was the first time in over a month, and it felt really good to get out and about. My main goal of the day was to find something to wear to a wedding at the end of the month. That didn't happen. But we had a good time going in the shops and walking around. The weather was fantastic! I got a new handbag at Leicester Market as the purse and backpack I had brought with me were leaving me a bit unsatisfied. I have added a few things to my Pictures In England site, but a few needed addressing as well.

Look at this word. Think about it. How would you pronounce this word. Even knowing it wasn't in the U.S. you'd think that there are only so many ways you COULD pronounce this street. Well, would one of those ways be BEAVER? I certainly did not think that it would be.

So of course when I saw these two men playing music in front of this store, my first question was... "Well, how do pronounce THAT word?" BEAVER of course. Of course of course!

One more bit of comical British signage:
It's a relief to know they don't sell the non-intoxicating liquors there.

That evening we got a ride to Tesco. We order our groceries online from there every week, but I had not yet been in a store. This one was HUGE. The size of a Walmart back home, but two stories. We got there just after 7pm. I tried on some stuff, and had a few things I liked and wanted Nid's opinion on. Of course, then they announce they are closing. At 8pm. On a Tuesday. All the stores here close really early. Most between 5:30 and 6pm, earlier on Sundays. It's crazy and ridiculous. I felt bad that our ride went out of his way and upset that I didn't get to get anything. Friday we are going to go to another Tesco to see what they have. We still have to figure out which bus that is. Better get cracking.

Wednesday we went to Asda. I did not find anything. For a store with dozens of dresses online, you would think they would have more than three dresses in store. They didn't! We did get more socks for Nid, though. They are great socks. Color coordinated. Makes my life soooo much easier. My socks don't look like anyone else's, but the kids socks? I make them sort them after washing because I have no idea. And now with Nid's color coordinated ones, they don't get mixed up in the pile. And it is a pile! I wear seven pair of socks a week if I actually wear socks on each day. Today, it had been five days since I did laundry last. And there were 22 pairs socks for the three of them. That's 44 socks. 35 of them belonged to the children. And I didn't even wash MY laundry. Anyway, thankfully we've had another day of good weather, so I had them on line to dry.

Anyway, back to Asda... I have finally found chocolate covered peanuts! Actually, I had given up, but Nid kept looking and found them for me. And they were on sale. Of course, they are only at the store that is a 2.10 bus trip. Each way. But that gives me hope :)

On the ride home, two guys got on with a pit bull. Let me draw you a picture. He was drinking beer out of an open beer can. His dog was not neutered. Turns out he's a back yard breeder. Lives in a two bedroom flat with his wife, FIVE children, and a pair of breeding dogs. The female just had eight pups the day before, and the last litter she had she had 14. This dog was the father of both litters, and he was only 10 months old. He was tiny, too, compared to our American Staffordshire Terriers. About the size of a four to five month old pup that I'd be use to. But thankfully, he was a GOOD dog! Very friendly. He was licking and trying to get in my lap. He sat next to me for most of the ride, while his owner was a few seats up.


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