Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dharmesh & Reena's Wedding : June 27, 2009

Well, technically we didn't make it to the wedding. Due to some unforeseen circumstances at home, we did not want to be gone most of the day, so we missed the Jaan Prayan and Hasta Melap in the morning. I talked to friends that went, and they were there from about 10:30am until about 2:45pm, and the wedding would've continued on until around 5. The reception was set to start at 7:30, and that's when our taxi picked us up. It wasn't terribly far from the house, but a little bit too far to walk in high heels.

When we got their our friends were already there, and the guys went off to get drinks, so us girls sat around and talked. They told me about the wedding, and we talked about my interview I have coming up. I feel a bit better about that having talked to them. When the guys came back, Nid and I had to go sit at our assigned table, which was adjacent to theirs. Our table only had six of us, I guess six people did not show up... . Next to me was Dharmesh and Reena's neighbor, and next to Nid were other friends of Dharmesh. We chatted a bit and the people next to Nid moved to another table where their friends were, so it was just the four of us. I got a bit of grief about not being able to eat the spicy food, but it was good natured, and the woman admitted it was quite hot to her as well. There were some peanuts and papadums and pooris which were all quite nice and BLAND as well as some plain white rice. They brought each platter of food out separately and we could take what we wanted. Since there were only the four of us at that point, some of our friends came and sat and ate a bit as well. Their table was a little short on food.

Right before the food came the beautiful couple came in. They cut the cake and danced and then there were some performers, two young girls dancing, and then someone playing a sitar, which really was not my cup of tea. Then the loud music started. It was... loud. If it wasn't so loud, I don't think it would've been so bad, but I had to yell to Nid sitting right next to me. Plus, none of it was in English, so I didn't even know what the songs were about. So anyway, there was a bar upstairs, but downstairs there was wine and sodas and water on the tables, and you could go get liquor from a table in the back. I had a little bit of several things, and it was quite a nice evening. Except for the heat. It was sooo hot in that room. Everyone was "glistening" and fanning themselves and blotting their foreheads. But it's always good to know it's not just you!

We left around 11:30... exactly when the first song in English came on... Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Really?! Okay, so maybe it's something they do, end the night with American pop music... but then the DJ went on the say something about will be missed, rest in peace, something or other. You know what, 20 years ago I'd have been sad too. Now I just don't care. So we said goodbye, took a few photos, and headed downstairs. We finally got some fresh air as we waited for the taxi to come pick us up.
Full photo album can be found here.


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