Sunday, June 21, 2009

BBQ with Footy Friends and WAGS

Saturday (June 20th) Nid and I went to a BBQ with his football team Shall We Dance, and the WAGS (wives and girlfriends). We were picked up just before noon by Utpal and Sejal. They took us to Jayesh and Mini's house, where we waited for Seema and Mitul and Kav to arrive. Once they got there, we headed to Wicksteed Park in Kettering, just under an hours drive from Leicester. It's an amusement park, but it also has lots of open space for camping and cookouts, which is what we were there for. It was also cool because Nid lived in Kettering once and so he pointed out places that he knew when he lived there as we drove by.

Thanks to a very well organized supply list, we had an amazing lunch! We had paneer kebabs, lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, onion bhajis, lamb and vegetarian samosas, chips and dips, sausages, salad, naan, and potato salad. A lot of it was too spicy for me, but they did bring some non spicy chicken for me. That was so incredibly thoughtful! For dessert we had both a strawberry and a mango cheesecake. We had taken three, so after Sunday dinner today, we get to have the blackcurrant one! And of course there was plenty of beer, soda, water, and whiskey.

The afternoon looked like we might have rain, but it held off, and there was a nice breeze, making football, cricket, and rounders games possible. There was some drama during the games, including Utpal rugby tackling his own wife! I had blisters on my heels due to some new shoes, so I didn't play the running games, but I did go up to bat once during cricket. Having only seen a brief clip on YouTube for each game, it was quite an experience to watch :) At around 6, we packed up and headed back to Jayesh and Mini's house. Food was re-heated, and more food was cooked. Nid had some spicy fish so hot his face changed color and stayed that way. More beverages were indulged on. At 11, we had to head out. That is our curfew when the children are at home. I was getting really tired about then as well. A day in the sun, good food and company, quite a few beers, and then white wine. I was ready for bed! When we got home, we put the food away, quickly glanced at the photos we had taken, then headed to bed. It was an amazing day!

Full photo album of the day will is located at my Picture's In England website


Corni said...

Hi Jenny, read all your blogs here, loved them,especially pics and witty comments.Sounds like you are adapting well to a great life with Nid and family. The signs pic made me laugh as my friend from Germany thought our signs here were soo funny. Thanks for sharing your new life wishing you all the best. urbanite513- Corni-Nelia

Jenny said...

I am glad that you enjoyed them Corni :) Thank you for the well wishes. We are just so happy to be together now!

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