Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Same..... Yet Different. Bread.

I knew that there were differences between what I'm use to and what I'll find here. But some things have taken my by surprise a little.


They have English Muffins... but they are like McDonald's McMuffin, they have NO NOOKS AND CRANNIES!

They have Crumpets, and they LOOK like American English Muffins, but they feel and taste kind of like American Pancakes.

They have Pancakes that look like American Pancakes, and they sell them already cooked and in packages in the bread isle at the grocery store.... but apparently they are nothing like what Nid makes and calls Pancakes. Which are then filled with ice cream and black cherry pie filling and sprinkled with sugar. Yummy!

They have Scones, and the plain ones feel and taste just like an American Breakfast Biscuit, the kind you think of when you say Biscuit.

They have Biscuits, but they are cookies! Thin and flat, round, and often one side has a layer of chocolate.

It makes my head spin!


That Girl said...

mine too!!!

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