Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anxiously Waiting For News And What Comes After

Friday morning I went to work, and had to tell my boss I didn't know if it was going to be my last day or not... a weird conversation, but it went alright. I had just clocked out for lunch at 1:15 and my cell went off. It was the courier, and they had my visa in their hand. So they Fedexed that to me for Saturday delivery. I called Nid and told him and went to my boss and told him. I sent out texts to my family and tried to finish my day, but really that wasn't happening, so I decided to go home. On my way to the parking lot, my sister called and asked if I wanted to pick up Caitlin from daycare early and spend some alone time with her. I did that and we had a great afternoon hanging out, just the two of us for about two hours. Then Jimmy and Heather got home and we visited a little more, but I had to get home to pack!

Saturday I was up early and packing. It started out okay, but as the suitcase fills up and you realized that you haven't packed any of the things you really want or need, it's a bit depressing. FedEx delivered my package around noon, and I immediately went to my sisters to use her internet to book my ticket. It took a while to find the best price, but during the process, I found a flight I hadn't seen all week. Most flights to Europe are overnight. Leave Sunday, arrive Monday morning. But you don't really want your ride to have to deal with London traffic on a Monday during rush hour, which were when all the flights arrived. Then I saw one that left Sunday morning, arrived Sunday night. I called my family, and they all said do the best for me and they would work around it. So I booked that flight and we made arrangements to have dinner on Saturday night at Sal's, our little hometown restaurant. I visited the rest of the afternoon with Heather and Caitlin, and then we all met up for dinner. After dinner I had a lot left to do, so I went back home and packed until late and I couldn't get anything else in. My suitcases came in at 48 and 45 pounds. And I had a carry on suitcase and a backpack fully loaded.


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