Thursday, April 2, 2009

My First Week In England

Needless to say, Monday we slept in. It had been a late night, and with the traveling and rushing I'd done, I crashed hard! When we finally did get up, we walked around the neighborhood, and just caught up on stuff. It was a bit surreal, and for days I would be like... "I'm here..." :)

Tuesday we had to get up early and get a taxi to the hospital for Nid's surgery. We had to be there at 7:30. The form said surgery at 9am. When we got there, there was a room full of people all with surgery for that day. They finally took him at 10:45 and he was back just after Noon. They decided to only do a local block on his arm, instead of full anesthesia, which was more of a risk, so he was awake, but because there was nothing to do, he started napping. They took that to mean he wasn't ready to go home. What it meant was we were up early to come to the hospital. Apparently I fell asleep in the chair next to him for awhile. I finally asked a nurse when he'd be ready to go (this was about 3) and she said as soon as he stops needing to sleep. So when he woke up I told him and we started the process of discharging. Which took until about 4:30... We called a taxi, and got home right about 5. It was pizza delivery for us for dinner, and fairly early to bed.

The rest of the week, we didn't do much but hang out. I got the paper on Wednesday, which has a job section, and have been looking through that. Thankfully I can take a little time to get use to stuff. Things are different, but the same, and it does take a bit of getting use to.

So, on Sunday we had a Sunday Roast, roasted chicken and potatoes, peas, carrots and gravy. Fantastic!


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