Friday, April 24, 2009

Asda / Walmart

Today Nid and I took the bus to Asda, which is Walmart. Some stores even have both names written on them, though this one does not. It was very similar to Walmarts in the States. Their clothing line is called George, like in the US, and they have similar styles. The selection is much smaller though. I would say this store is the same size physically as other Walmarts that I have been in, however the isles are spread out more. They are probably 10 feet, which means you can't get as many isles in the store. The food section was almost identical, except they sell hard liquor. Actually, all stores that sell food do. But what they do not have... GRAPE JELLY! I've checked three grocery stores and none of them have it. I'm settling for Blackcurrant at the moment. I like peanut butter and strawberry jelly alright, but I'm really missing my grape :(

Then we went to McDonalds and had a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal. Yummy!

We went to an athletics store so Nid could get some new trainers and goal keeping gloves. He's starting back playing football on Monday night. We went into Boots, which is like a CVS, and went past a TK Maxx, their version of TJ Maxx. They also have Claire's here. I took this photo waiting for the bus. This one's for you Mom! It's tiny, but the logo is there and it is the same.


ashley durham said...

can we send you some grape jelly??!! i'm so happy for you and nid, wish you could be here in october for mine and joshua's wedding, but don't worry i know you two will be there in spirit...caitlin is going to be so darn cute...i'm getting excited!!!

Jenny said...

That would be great, thanks! lol. We wish we could be there as well. And everybody better send me TONS of pics of Caitlin all dressed up!

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