Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Year. And One Day.

That's how long I have been in England.

On March 8, 2009 at approximately 11:45pm, I landed at London Heathrow and met Nid (and Martin) at the gate.

My new life began officially that day. Part of me cannot believe that it has been that long. Another part of me cannot believe that's all it's been. We've experienced so much this year. In one year, I've gained a husband, a daughter, a son, and a lifetime of memories. However, at times (most of the time?) since last fall, I have been so focused on us moving back to the US, that I have let time slide right past us. It's always one more step and one more thing we're waiting for. Months, weeks, days, hours, seconds until we move.

More importantly than that is that we're running out of time. We've only got months, weeks, days, hours, seconds left in England. We'll be in the US forever. We'll (Nid and I) probably never come back to England. I need to remember to cherish this family time together. When else will we be able to live modestly without working full time (or more) jobs? So today I am going to change my thinking. I am not only going to focus on what we need to do to get to the US, but also on what we (I) need to do so that I do not regret anything once we leave England. There are many places that I wanted Nid and I to go together. There are places I've wanted to go since I was a girl. We won't get to those places. But that does not mean that we won't have memories just as strong, just as wonderful from the places we do go together. Even if it is just to town to gawk at people shop.

Happy Anniversary to me! I cannot imagine what my life would be like without my family. You all mean the world to me.


midwesttomidlands said...

Congrats on your One Year Anniversary in England.
What an eventful year you have had full of many exciting changes.

Jenny said...


That Girl said...

Egads! At least there was a lot of good and an interesting (but exhausting) story to cap the trip. I am counting down the days until you all move to VA, the time difference will be so much easier to deal with.

Jenny said...

That Girl - Indeed. And yes, two hours is so much more manageable that seven. Looking forward to being able to chat more often.

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