Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interview Part Two.

After getting our official letters from the Embassy with our interview date in late May, I called the Extortion Line and got an email address and weekly code number so that I could email them and request an earlier date. I had read online about people having luck with this, but if there are no dates available, then obviously we'd be out of luck. I got an email four days later giving us a new date in mid-April, and the letters arrived yesterday. What a relief!

We booked the trains and hotels and I just have to put all the documents in easy to sort through piles. We are getting closer, and it is such a relief. The boxes are beginning to pile up in the living room, but next week will really be our busiest as the children are going to Wales for Easter and we'll be able to dig out the closet and not worry about the mess or covering every surface downstairs until it's done and boxed up.

We're also super excited because Nid got a new computer last week, and after a week of setting it up, it's just about the way he wants it. We were going to upgrade when we got to the US, but since we may not have internet, we decided it would be best to just bite the bullet and do it now so that he can download everything he needs to make it just right. We just need to borrow a VCR off someone so that he can import all his VHS tapes into digital before we move. That'll be the biggest project we have to do aside from the general packing. But it's all coming along, and going smoothly for now *fingers crossed and knocking on wood.*


david said...

Things just seem to get better and better. Jenny, you seem to be doing a fantastic job of keeping things "in line". And your reward for that was an early departure date. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to one day see you all again!

Jenny said...

Thanks David. It hasn't been easy, there is so much to do and keep track of. It's exciting to be able to say that I hope we'll see you soon and not mean four or more years down the line.

david said...

Yup, see you soon. Dang, that sounds great!! :)

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