Sunday, March 14, 2010

Interview Date Received.

Well, we got it. Packet 4: Our London Interview Date. I think it should be capitalized because of it's significance in our lives. When I saw the letters on the floor by the front door I was so excited. I may have even squealed. I let Nid open his and I opened the kids. At the bottom was the date: May xx, 2010. (There actually was a date, I'd just rather not announce to the world when we'll be out of town). May. Not even the beginning of May. I may have cried.

This whole process is so emotional. Yes, it is better than the process of moving here. I'm not concerned that we will be turned down. I'm not alone like I was last time. I'm not leaving a job and hoping my boss doesn't let me go before I am set to move like last time. But it is still frustrating. So many things are in limbo. Booking flights, letting our new landlord know when we'll arrive, re-instating my auto insurance and such. Booking our shipping company and getting rid of the rest of our stuff. Letting our current landlord know when we'll be leaving...

I've been online and talking to others on the immigration forums I am a member of. I have just been offered some advice, and will be calling the embassy tomorrow. They (on the forums) kindly refer to it as the Extortion line, at £1.20/minute, but at least then we'll know we did everything we could.

On a completely happy note, today is Mother's Day in the UK and the kids made me amazing cards. I may have cried. Just a bit :)


midwesttomidlands said...

Hi Jenny, Sounds like you have a lot going on, yet exciting. If you have time I have a Happiness Award for you over at my blog and please come and pick it up and share your 10 happy things!! Cheers! Jane

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for the award Jane. I will begin right away!

Limey said...

Exciting times!!

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