Saturday, January 16, 2010


In one of our Christmas packages we got sent a packet of Banana Nut Muffin Mix. However, we do not have a muffin pan, and since we'll be moving, well, it just doesn't make sense to get one. The back of the bag had alternative directions for making pancakes, though, so I decided that today would be a good day for it.

There were a few problems with my plan, however. First, after adding the additional ingredients I did not realize how thin the batter was. I suppose it didn't really matter, as at that point, what could I do about it? I was starting to get a little stressed about how I'd gotten everyone excited about the pancakes and they were ruined, but Nid gave me great support. He pointed out to me that it was my first time making this recipe, my first time cooking them on a gas stove, in our old dented pan, etc. He said it didn't matter what they looked like. What they looked like was rather sad...

So, how did they turn out you may wonder? Well, I was not happy with them, but it had everything to do with aesthetics and nothing to do with the flavour. Because they were so thin, they turned out more like crepes than pancakes. But to my European family, they were perfect! Why? Because here in England, they call crepes.... pancakes! Nid had made me "pancakes" before, and they were crepes with fruit and ice cream with sugar sprinkled on top. I didn't argue with him, as they were delicious. But they were not "pancakes." But, as it turns out he was right.

This is what I just learned on Wiki: American pancakes are actually like pancakes from Scotland, while as here in England, the pancakes are more like French crepes. So while my pancakes today were rather foreign and a disappointment to me, the family loved them. I've also got packaged muffin mix for blueberry and chocolate chip, but I may modify those recipes slightly to see if I can make them thicker.
                                           What I wanted:

                                           What I got (minus the lemons):


Nid said...

They tasted great! Can't wait for the next batch, no matter how they turn out. :)

midwesttomidlands said...

As Nid said - it's the taste that counts. Plus I'm sure your family appreciated them. It's amazing how many little things you learn living in another country isn't it? When I first moved here I wanted to make a fresh rhubarb pie, which took me about two days by the time I gathered all the ingredients, sustitutions necessary etc. Seems funny now. Now excuse me, you have made me hungry- while I go make some pancakes:)

Jenny said...

Thanks you guys.

Midwest to Midlands - You're braver than me, going for a fresh pie! Thanksgiving was challenging enough :)

Rachel said...

I love a good baking post! We're about to try the UK pancakes here tomorrow and I'm excited. I made US pancakes here for my boyfriend's Mum and she really liked them. I have to admit I cheated and used Bisquick, but I really love this American pancake recipe:

Jenny said...

Rachel - I've bookmarked it and will try it next time. Bisquick isn't cheating. If I'd had some, I'd have used it. I have made some since, using one from and they were perfect.

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