Monday, August 24, 2009

Leicester Freecycle.

I've been looking at the Leicester Freecycle for a while now. But things go really fast, and without a car, I can't easily pick things up. Most things, people want gone ASAP, so they'll give it to the person that can come first, not necessarily to the first person to respond. Anyway, last week I saw two items that had not been claimed. It had been a few days since they'd been posted, and other things she had posted had been collected already. So I emailed her. And she had them and was willing to hold them until next Thursday (this all transpired last Friday). I was in the process of negotiating a ride with Nid's friend, when he offered to go on Monday (today). I emailed her back and she was available. We went a little while ago and now I have a desk and a (very nearly) matching bedside table to Nid. Both items are from Ikea (LOVE IKEA), and in excellent condition! This is really exciting for me, because I have had my computer on the dining table since March, and when the kids are here, I have to move it every night for dinner, then set it up again. It's not hard to do, just a pain.
So, this is my current layout. I've also staked claim on the left corner of Nid's desk :) And on the left of my desk is a cabinet that has all my files and office supplies. I think I'll use the keyboard shelf for my papers, my to do list, etc. It's quite cozy over here. May need to look into some blinds or different curtain. Have to wait to see how bright it is when the sun comes through the window, which it won't likely be doing today. Nid says he likes it because can see what I'm doing without straining his neck. Good thing I don't ever do anything bad! ;)


Jennie said...

Visitor from UK-Yankee here! :) I didn't even know they had freecycle here! So, I totally owe you. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks really cosy and what a great bargain! :)

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