Thursday, August 13, 2009

Watermead Country Park

Today we went to the Watermead Country Park. It was a short bus ride and walk from home. I'd seen part of it as we'd ridden this bus to Asda in the past. I was most excited because I wanted to see the The Watermead Park Millennium Mammoth, which I had seen in pictures Nid had taken. This is the second mammoth to stand at this location, as the first one was destroyed by arsonists. It is meant to commemorate the fact that mammoth remains were discovered on this property.

Another feature of the park is King Lear Lake, named after the legend of King Lear, who ruled Britain in the 8th century. Upon his death he was buried in a chamber under the River Soar. There are four statues, built on a platform in the lake, showing the final scene from Shakespeare's play of King Lear.
You can read more here.

King Lear Statue on King Lear Lake:

Nid and I and the Woolly Mammoth!
And as we were leaving, two women got out of their vehicle with a gaggle of children. Now, in my limited experience in this country, they have a lot of interesting shoes. Not a lot of shoes that I would actually wear... but these really topped the cake!


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