Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving: The Tree.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving, but because Briony is out of town this week, we have postponed our big dinner until Saturday. I was not, however, going to give up my tradition of putting up the tree on the actual day of Thanksgiving. I even had a few presents wrapped to put under it, which does make it a little more festive.

Saturday I will be cooking for the four of us, plus two friends of ours, Matthew and Jacqui. I've never cooked Thanksgiving. For the six years I lived in Richmond I alternated between treating myself to Chinese or pizza when I couldn't get back home to celebrate with the family. It should be an experience!


Mom in High Heels said...

Nice! I can't WAIT to put up our tree, but we don't do it until St. Nicholas Eve (Dec 5), so I have another week to wait. Boo! Your tree is lovely. Enjoy your Saturday Thanksgiving. We're all miserable from all the food.

Expat mum said...

Thanks for popping over to Pond Parleys. We'll have to have you as a guest poster soon if you're available.
The tree looks lovely - I'm impressed that you can even think of putting a tree up with all that green bean casserole to make ;-)

Jenny said...

Mom in High Heels - I was very happy to get it up. We got it down from storage last week and I've been looking at the box everyday just waiting to put it up. Thanks, I'm excited and nervous about cooking, which I'll start tomorrow.

Expat Mum - I'm completely honored that you'd like me to be a guest poster. Just let me know!
Ha! Well, since it's a small tree, and dinner's not until Saturday, there's plenty of time for both decorating and green beans. Though I have become a little nervous about the family and guests not liking it... but again not everybody has to like everything. With me cooking, I may not even like it! :)

david said...

Love the"s beautiful!! And Good luck with the dinner Jenny - I'm sure it will be delicious!!!

Jenny said...

Thanks David, I think it's a great tree too :) I'm hoping it will be delicious... actually, I'm hoping it will be edible, lol. You'll hear all about it either way!

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