Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Randomness About Town.

Yesterday we went to town to do a few things, one of them led us here:
This is the Leicester County Court. It was a longer walk than we thought it would be, but thankfully once we got there things were quicker than we had anticipated. We filed for me to have Parental Responsibility given to me as well as Nid. I had my forms all filled out, and all the documents we needed, passports, birth certificates, etc. They must not do many of these there, because the lady seemed a bit lost. I of course had all my documents in order, and in fact she did not ask for some of them (even though the form said they were needed). Oh well, not my problem, as we got her signature and that's what we needed. We are mailing them off to London today, and as soon as they get logged it will take effect.

We wandered around awhile, and I saw some places I hadn't seen before. A really nice shoe store. Too bad I have no need for shoes at the moment :(

We had a soundtrack to a good part of our shopping. Or I should say window shopping, as we were on a mission to find plain silver balls for the Christmas tree, and were unsuccessful. Outside of Marks & Spencer guy was decked out in a kilt "playing" bagpipes. I suppose you can guess the reason I put playing in quotes. He thought he was playing, I'm sure. In fact, he had CDs for sale... for £6.50! There were occasional notes that didn't suck, but they were definitely rare. There are often people set up playing music in the town square, but unlike the bagpipes, when you walk a distance from them you stop hearing them. This noise traveled a long way. Nid made a comment coming out of a store that he hated the bagpipes, in general. I commented that I didn't dislike bagpipes, right as we walked out the door. To which a lady turns around and replies, "not when they're played right, but that guy is not playing them well" or something to that effect. I told her that's what I meant, not him, but in general I like them. Nid commented that I would make a comment about bagpipes walking out of a store and have the only Scottish person in Leicester hear me. I thought it was funny.

So, as we're walking I see this business ahead. I of course jumped straight to PIMP Recruiting, which if you pronounce PMP as a word, not as initials, that's what it says. Not my fault, I didn't name it! Made me laugh, though.

Then we went to Boots in search of ornaments and we decided to ride the elevator down from upstairs... and there was this button.

The possibilities are endless, aren't they? I mean, how boring is a button that says "push to close doors?" PUSH TO TRAVEL... Can I go anywhere I want? Calgon, take me away! Lovely!

We also passed a PRIVATE SHOP but I didn't get a picture of it. I do wonder, though, who is allowed to shop there? Was it always private? Is it invitation only, and if so, how does one get an invitation? It's not a very catchy name, if you ask me. Not like the Pound Stretcher, which is in fact not a Pounds Store (which we do have, equal to the Dollar Tree's in the US). The Pound Stretcher is more like a Dollar General, except they sell everything from candy to beds. Oh right, and also Reindeer Ponchos, which Nid thinks he needs. I'll let you all decide whether or not we actually bought him one :)


Michelloui said...

I would love a 'button to travel'!!!! And you do know what a 'private shop' is, right? ;)

Hope you found the silver Christmas ornaments!

Nid said...

She should know what a 'Private Shop' is. I told her several months ago when she first saw it. Of course, then she didn't know. ;)

That Girl said...

If there is anything right and holy on earth then Nid now sports a Reindeer Poncho!! As for the Button to Travel......the first thing I thought was TARDIS!!!!!!! Alas it was not teh Tardis just an elevator. Oh well better luck next time.

Jenny said...

Michelle - I am going to admit that I temporarily forgot what a 'Private Shop' was, but as soon as I read your comment I immediately realized what it was. We don't have any of those (that I know of) where I'm from, but Nid did tell me a while back. Unfortunately, we did not actually find the ornaments we wanted, but the one shop we did not go in, Wilkinson, seems to have what we are looking for online, so we'll make another foray into town to find the elusive things this week or next.

Jenny - All is not right or holy apparently, as he does NOT in fact own a Reindeer Poncho. Also, I only just learned about Tardis last week, and it has come up twice today in conversation. How bizarre.

Sarah said...

Oh I want that third pair of pink shoes !!

Despite Milan up the road I always prefer the ones I can buy in the UK on my rare visits. Not that you need ten pairs of high heels when you live in a field LOL

British mum in Italy

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