Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts.


I'm sick, but recovering. My daughter was sick, but is better. My husband just passed the beginning stages of sick and is full blown. Life in a sick house is no fun. Just ask my son, the only one not sick. It is amazing how fast trash cans fill up with nothing but tissues in a sick household. I just used "sick" in each of the last six sentences, and this one makes seven.

We know we need to start packing and purging. The move won't be any easier if we leave it till the end. But it's hard to start when we don't know when we're moving. We're waiting, US Embassy, please send the letter!

When you call Scottish Power, you talk to a Scottish person. Imagine that!

When we were at the hospital a few weeks ago for a checkup, the cleaning guy walked to our little curtained off area, turned and faced me from about 3 feet away and scratched his crotch.I complained. A supervisor came tell me she'd dealt with it. When she found out I was American, she just kept repeating - "But you don't look American!"  What do you say to that?

I am loving this book:

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Kat said...

When you call Sky you talk to a Scottish person as well.

I am Harriet said...

Wonder what American's look like anyway.

Have a great day.

Keely said...

Once, in Australia, a little old lady on a train said to my friend and I, "Oh, are you Canadian?"

We had said nothing. Apparently we just LOOKED Canadian, whatever that is.

Jenny said...

Kat - It's such a relief to not get a call centre in India. To me, locals understand your needs more.

I am Harriet - I know, right? I know that I look *exactly* like every other American I've ever met :)

Keely - How random! That's so funny, they just picked you out like that. I don't think I'd ask someone that, even if I had heard them speak.

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